Freelancing What is Freelancing and who can be a freelancer

Freelancing What is Freelancing and who can be a freelancer

What is Freelancing

 I want to talk about everyone today

Be a free thinker as you know it

Because I want a very clear title

To talk about why I'm going free

This is how I go freely

The career I have chosen for myself and so on

Internally, it's going to be one

A big part of my life

And I want to share that with you because

I think it's really interesting

It can be really relevant for a lot more

One f you guys before I launch it

You may be wondering why all these books are not on the shelf on Monday

Decided for literally no reason

Reorganize my entire shelf

It's been a long time since I've edited a book

And it wasn't just a feeling

Now the flow and obviously it really was

It was an amazing meditation process

Like mixing them all into dust and dusting them and reorganizing them

I remember oh i like this book and oh

Yeah Al that sounds pretty crap to me, Looks like BT aint for me either

The book is really good, but it is not "very sad whatsapp status video download"

Here are the complete books now

I don't know the books here

Why I thought it would only take one

Day is a big process. It is a big process but

Come back to the topic I want to talk about

Becoming a freelancer a few months ago

Went to a party where I had a group

Friends were there and they liked it

Above and beyond, they are as they are

You do, and I just blur it out

Decided to go freelance and it was one

Because that's a really big thing for me

I am thinking of self-employment and working independently

Really very long but I really wasn't

He said this to someone other than my family

And my boyfriend told everyone this

These guys really like my friends felt

Like a big moment because I was kind

Well, at least I didn't go down without explaining myself first

Now this is my career so I think I will be better

Better a poor horse than no horse at all

You don't just decide that you are free

And quickly you get paid what one takes

I have a long time to establish myself

Areas where you want to work

Clients or whatever you want

So I'm really excited about that and

I know this is the right choice for me

But I'm kind of just wanting to make one

Short resignation that I'm not saying

Thatis better in any way independently

Any other career so if you decide to become

A doctor who doesn't mean that

You think you are better than engineers

That doesn't mean you have to do it

More valuable than having the right teachers

You have just made a choice that fits you

I have just realized this independent status

And self-employment is my way

I recently did some internships

Months ago and I made a video

I'll add it if you're wondering

In the card and in detail below

But it was about an internship

Publishing House and so on

 What is Freelancing and who can be a freelancer

Really eye-opening experience for me

Learned about publishing but I also

What has he really learned?

To work in an office you can guess what

It's like traveling an hour every day

And guess what an hour is like

For lunch every day but not until you

In fact, they do. Do you really think of it as a way of life?

It didn't work for me

Work under someone else's schedule

Wen a publishing house is obviously us

Everyone is working to build someone's team

The book is a great success, hopefully

The team that published all these books

If i weren't for that, it wouldn't be here

Great advertising teams and amazing

Marketing directors you know but

Personally, I was really disappointed

Because I was like waiting for him to come

Work on my own book that you know and that's it

Nt that there is one thing better than the Lord

Second, it was just for me. I loved making it

Art and I love making things and that was it

I have no time to wait

I have something of my own so I am

Decided to become independent

Self-employed and now I wonder how?

Like what I'm trying to do

S that there are some people to work with

Well, at least I didn't go down without explaining myself first

Full time youtube hahahaha no i don't

You know if you take notice but I do very little

ponsored videos so YouTube is actually

Not for a very large amount of money machine

I don't get much money on it

Platform that's fine because I just

I like making videos so I just keep it

Making them forever but that's kind of it

ork as a part-time job you know

I have worked really hard on this channel

And really for an RK permanently

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